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siu provost susan ford

Provost’s $25K gift spurred by pride

As a nationally renowned researcher and current SIU provost, Susan Ford understands the powerful impact giving back has on the future. [MORE]

Knotts, world travelers give back to their roots

SIU Credit Union donates to food pantry

Giving is in the DNA of those at the SIU Credit Union, and local charities have regularly been the beneficiaries of their benevolence. [MORE]

scholarship student

Hard work pays off for Dave Baer

"My mother raised me to work hard and to give back to others. That’s why I felt so strongly about including her name in the $25,000 scholarship.” [MORE]

tilden parks

Becker gift will fund renovation

Ralph E. Becker wants to make sure that Southern Illinois University Carbondale continues to go “onward and upward.” [MORE]

Dean Achenbach shares rock-solid support for Campus Lake

Achenbach shows rock-solid support

Her generous gift was the first individual donation on the Day of Giving and was directed toward the Campus Lake Beautification Project. [MORE]

Lori Quigg

World travelers give back

Darlene and Mark Knott met at SIU. Since that time, they've traveled the world, but they haven't forgotten what their alma mater means to them.  [MORE]