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Library improvements would benefit recruitment, retention

The library is much more than just books – although there are more than three million of those. Students are looking for high-end technology, spaces to gather and study and opportunities to enrich their experience. [MORE]

Automotive technology meeting growing demand

Innovation thrives when students are engaged, and students are most engaged when they’re immersed in their passion to learn. [MORE]

Theater injects life, art into community

“It helps bring artistic life and increases the quality of life in the community.” [MORE]

Grace Handlos grateful for dean scholarship

Handlos is a dean scholarship recipient. She says she will never forget opening the envelope from SIU informing her of the scholarship award. [MORE]

Jeanne Hurley Simon Memorial Library Endowment scholarship expands horizon

Dave Whitfield, a graduate student from Cairo, Illinois, and a Morris Library student employee, was awarded the Jeanne Hurley scholarship in May 2017. Whitfield said the scholarship has him leaning toward pursuing a master’s degree in library science after he receives his doctorate in communication studies. [MORE]

October 2017

The Opportunities are Boundless at SIU College of Agricultural Sciences

“SIU’s College of Agricultural Sciences has one of the strongest programs in the entire state of Illinois. When I visited last year, I was impressed by the number of opportunities and just how friendly the faculty were to me.” [MORE]

Childress Scholarship grows benefitting business students

Their final wish was to offer a helping hand to even more young people, so they added a $2 million gift to SIU’s James B. and Rosemary S. Childress Scholarship endowment. SIU Foundation officials estimate the fund will now generate about $80,000 annually that can be awarded to SIU business students. [MORE]

Scholarship shows university values hard work

“It was nice to know the university valued someone who had put in the work,” he said. “I can’t show my appreciation enough. Donors make so many things possible for so many students.” [MORE]

Scholarships nurture healthy appetite for success

“Donations change people’s lives,” Eigsti said. “It’s so nice to have people out there who make education more accessible. Any amount can help.” [MORE]

Cybersecurity program booming

A point of pride for the program is the Security Dawgs cyberdefense team, a student organization that gives students hands-on experience through participation in cyberdefense and cybersecurity competitions. The team consistently earns first- or second-place honors in the state’s annual college cyberdefense competitions. [MORE]

September 2017

How encouragement changed the life of an SIU Carbondale alumnus

Gougis credits the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute with giving him the keys to opening doors of opportunity for his career. [MORE]

Public Policy Institute attracts, develops the best and brightest

Lauren Connor’s experience at SIU was enhanced by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute. [MORE]

School of Law broadens horizons

“Attending law school has changed my life and broadened my horizons. As I learn about legal issues, I have a greater understanding of how to help people who are having problems in life." [MORE]

SIU graduate thankful for unique opportunities

If Shaka Mitchell, a 2011 SIU Carbondale graduate, could sum up his experience with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute in one word, it would be “exposure.” [MORE]

Law clinics add value for students, community

Nathan Davis is doing more than earning a degree from the SIU School of Law, he’s gaining valuable, real-world experience. [MORE]

August 2017

Student Spotlight: Kinesiology Student Sean Gloss

The research, coupled with the program’s community outreach, is what ignited Gloss’ passion for the program. [MORE]

Mortuary Science planning the next step

Through the Forever SIU fundraising campaign, those in charge of the program hope to take it to the next level and add more value by building an on-site crematorium. [MORE]

Student Spotlight: Meet College of Agricultural Sciences Major Paxton Morse

"The professors and staff all know my name, they are friendly, and just make me feel like family. There is really no other college and university I’d rather be attending.” [MORE]

Family Helping Family

Monetary donations to support these areas of the farm or donating actual items is the best way to ensure University Farms continues its success. [MORE]

Kinesiology offers unique perspective

“The kinesiology department helped me view sports from a different perspective. This program has opened up an entire new world.” [MORE]

Exploration at Center for Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences

Some hidden gems across campus go unnoticed because of their geographic locations. [MORE]

June 2017

SIU alumnus makes $25,000 gift

J. Mark Wehrle spent much of his life teaching and helping others. By endowing a scholarship in sociology at SIU, he further fortifies his legacy. [MORE]

April 2017

Provost’s $25K gift spurred by pride, passion

As a nationally renowned researcher and current SIU provost, Susan Ford understands the powerful impact that giving back has on the future. [MORE]

March 2017

World travelers give back to their roots

Nine hundred dollars. That was all she needed to remain in school. But Darlene Albert Knott just didn’t have it. [MORE]

Dean Achenbach shares rock-solid support for Campus Lake

Laurie Achenbach has dedicated her professional life to science and SIU. On March 1, she strengthened that commitment by donating $10,000 on SIU’s inaugural Day of Giving. [MORE]

February 2017

SIU Credit Union makes first corporate gift for SIU Day of Giving

Giving is in the DNA of those at the SIU Credit Union, and local charities have regularly been the beneficiaries of their benevolence. [MORE]

January 2017

Tilden Parks – superfan!

In fact, Parks just might own the record for the longest streak in sports ever – by a fan, at least. [MORE]

Turning dreams into a reality

It often is said that while most of us dream about great things, engineers just go and do them. [MORE]

December 2016

Hard work pays off for Dave Baer

Whether he was cutting other people’s grass or shining shoes, Baer closely followed his mother’s advice as she instilled a work ethic in him that few others could emulate[MORE]

The art of giving

The transformational power of art led the couple to establish the Dr. Roy E. Abrahamson Art Education Endowed Scholarship to help students afford an education – so the students, in turn, can contribute to the artistic transformation of others. [MORE]

Becker gift will fund renovation, expansion of Campus Lake facilities

Ralph E. Becker wants to make sure that Southern Illinois University Carbondale continues to go “onward and upward.” [MORE]

Planting seeds of philanthropy

If you have the good fortune of visiting the home of Juh Wah Chen and Han Lin Chen in rural Carbondale, the phrase “bloom where you are planted” might spring to mind. [MORE]

November 2016

Live long and prosper

Dennis decided that not only would he go to Hollywood, but that he would become a success as well. [MORE]

October 2016

SIU Class of '65 gives back: Restoring the Paul and Virginia Statue

In 2015, Class of 1965 representatives Michael Hanes, Phillip Pfeffer and Patti Elmore proposed restoring the statues as a class gift to the university. [MORE]

Jeanne Hurley Simon Scholarship: Paying it forward

SIU Carbondale takes pride and honor being associated with its own power couple: Paul and Jeanne Simon. [MORE]