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Enriching Programs

From aviation to zoology, SIU’s strong academic programs are founded on real-life, hands-on learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. That’s why SIU alumni have a habit of making their mark in the world, many as innovators and entrepreneurs. Their time here at SIU taught them the habit of getting their hands dirty and making things happen.

Some of the most memorable lessons our students learn take place beyond the walls of the classroom. Internships, study abroad, research and creative activities, community service and Registered Student Organizations all provide learning opportunities that extend and enrich the learning experience.

The University Honors program, the Student Multicultural Resource Center, and initiatives for students with disabilities, veterans and first-generation students all provide resources that support students based upon their individual interests and needs.

An investment in academic and student support programs will ensure that SIU students are well-rounded and well-prepared for life after graduation.

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Nursing and business analytics are among the new SIU programs that will address the needs of communities and employers.

Programs Goal of 76.7 million dollars. We have raised $74.7 million dollars.