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Helping students

Opportunity is at the heart of SIU’s mission. We believe that all students – regardless of their means – deserve access to a world-class education.

However, the financial challenge of sustaining our commitment has never been greater. In decades past, federal and state grants covered the cost of attendance for many SIU students. Today, those resources cannot come close, and the university is seeing record demand for financial aid. In fact, 90 percent of undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid.

Many donors want to support students studying a particular field in order to ensure that there are more SIU graduates available to address employer need. And many more say they would not have been able to complete their own degrees without the support of others. That’s why they choose to pay it forward through the Forever SIU Campaign.

Regardless of the motivation, every gift supporting students creates opportunities and changes lives.


“I was overjoyed because without the scholarship I more than likely would not have been able to attend this year."

Nicholas Oglesby, a junior pre-medicine student specializing in physiology

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