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College of Health and Human Sciences campaign goal is $8,000,000 and we have currently raised $4,935,553 (62 percent).


Students in the College of Health and Human Sciences benefit from the generosity of donors who want to help them succeed. Following are just a few ways you can make a difference. To discuss these and other opportunities to support students, contact Steph Taylor, director of development, at 618/453-4975.

The SIU Carbondale College of Health and Human Sciences is embarking on an ambitious $8 million campaign to create the highest quality learning environment for students to enhance the health, well-being and positive development of people and communities.

The potential for the College of Health and Human Sciences is limitless. The healthcare industry has grown approximately 10 percent in the last decade which means an increase in jobs in the industry.  With opportunities to develop innovative research and with top-ranked programs in one college, our students and faculty can collaborate to solve population health issues. To continue to recruit and retain the brightest students to SIU, we need resources to retain the best faculty, invest in curriculum and research, and build state-of-the-art facilities.

The College of Health and Human Sciences began on July 1, 2020 combining the School of Health Sciences, School of Human Sciences, School of Justice & Public Safety, and the School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences. Over the next four years, our goal is to grow and strengthen the programs in the SIUC College of Health and Human Sciences.

  • Scholarships. $1,000,000. To help alleviate the student loan debt, our goal is to raise scholarship support for our students.
  • Faculty. $1,000,000. Our goal is to help recruit and retain top faculty in the industry.
  • Facilities. $2,500,000. We want to create and renovate new lab and learning space to give our students a first-rate education.
  • Research. $250,000. Collaborative, interdisciplinary research with faculty, undergrad and grad students showcases the work of a public research institution.
  • Academic Programs. $2,250,000. To help our programs stay up to date with the latest trends and equipment, we need funding.
  • Community Outreach Programs. Our programs that work with the local community need funding to provide innovations in health and wellness.

The SIUC College of Health and Human Sciences is positioning itself to educate, create research opportunities and hand-on experiences in the fields of Health and Human Sciences. Our goal is to provide students will the skill set to enhance the overall health and well-being of individuals and communities.  Students will develop the critical thinking and practical skills they need to become the next generation of human science professionals and health care leaders.