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SIU medical students and residents of Southern Illinois benefit from the generosity of donors who support the School of Medicine. Following are just a few ways you can make a difference. To discuss these and other opportunities to support students and the health of the region, contact, Patsy Wappel, director of development, at 217/545-0395.

Increased Scholarships

  • Endow a scholarship, providing full-tuition support for one medical student or partial funding for several. Starting at $160,000
  • Fund a term scholarship, covering half the cost of one medical student’s education over four years. $80,000
  • Support the MedPrep program, funding the cost of one student’s participation. $30,000

Enhanced Facilities and Resources

  • Support research that advances knowledge and treatment in areas like Alzheimer’s disease, sickle cell anemia, hearing loss, aging and more. Starting at $25,000
  • Endow and name a professorship to ensure that medical students continue to learn from leaders in their fields. Starting at $1 million
  • Support the School of Medicine Faculty Excellence Fund. Any amount

Deeper Community Engagement

  • Endow the Population Health Program, providing permanent support to this key initiative. Starting at $2 million
  • Provide funding for a specific population health project, such as the longitudinal study of prenatal hypertension and its effects. Starting at $250,000