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Making your gift

Southern Illinois University has a remarkable record of preparing its students for the future. You can designate your campaign support for a particular project or make an unrestricted gift. You can make a commitment now and arrange payment over a period of several years. You may also choose from a range of naming opportunities—options that will recognize your own generosity or honor someone you love through the naming of a campus facility, scholarship or endowed fund.

There are also a number of forms your gift can take. These include gifts of cash, appreciated stock, real estate, insurance and more. Many options can provide you with significant tax advantages, and some planned gifts can do so while continuing to provide you with income.

Plan a Conversation With Us

Our campaign team would welcome the opportunity to discuss these options with you and to identify campaign funding priorities that will match your interests. Please contact us to plan a conversation. You can reach us by email at siuf@foundation.siu.edu or by phone at 618/453-4900.

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Ways you can make your gift:

  • Outright Gifts—These are gifts of cash and other assets transferred to the SIU Foundation in a single donation. 
  • Pledges—These are commitments made now and paid over a period of three to five years.
  • Deferred Gifts—These are commitments planned now with the transfer of assets later, often as a provision in your estate or a beneficiary designation.
  • Blended Gifts—These are philanthropic investments that involve some combination of outright gifts, deferred gifts and multiyear commitments— often the best way to achieve the results you want.

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One popular approach to blended gifts lets you have an impact in perpetuity and also see results right now.  If you would like to fund a scholarship, for instance, you can make a gift to establish an endowment now or in your plans and also “jumpstart” the scholarship with a smaller gift for current use. This way, the impact begins immediately, and students benefit both today and tomorrow.


As waves of Baby Boomers—many Salukis among them—hit the age of 70½, they are taking the opportunity to support causes they love with a tax benefit from the IRS. At that age, regulations require that those holding IRAs begin taking mandatory—and taxable—distributions. Through IRA rollovers, however, you can transfer up to $100,000 annually to a charity such as the SIU Foundation without having to recognize the distribution as income—a win-win for SIU and for you.