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Clara Kridle Memorial Scholarship

The PwC Charitable Foundation Inc. established the Clara J. Kridle Memorial Scholarship Endowment.[MORE]


Estate gift will help others rise

Dan and Toccoa McClary worked to ensure that their daughter, Susan McClary, had every opportunity to succeed. She didn’t let them down. [MORE]


Helleny gift benefits student-athletes

Helleny is a proud Saluki season-ticket holder and donor, and a top contributor to the program for more than 60 years. [MORE]


SIU Day of Giving’s Rest of the Story

After making a $5,000 gift to the Teachers Shape the Future Fund, Nancy and Paul Mundschenk challenged others to do the same. [MORE]


Donation to help upgrade Mortuary Science

A donation by Mid-America Transplant Foundation will mean renovations and additional equipment. [MORE]


A gift with a plan

The gift, made by Paul Georgy ’73, will bring a new lot of pigs and cattle to the farm. The short-term effect will be the immediate improvement of the quality of the livestock, but the long-term benefits are expected to go much further. [MORE]