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School of Education campaign goal is $3,400,000 and we have currently raised $1,520,305 (45 percent).


Students in the School of Education benefit from the generosity of donors who want to help them succeed. Following are just a few ways you can make a difference. To discuss these and other opportunities to support students in education and human services, contact Kathryn Sime, director of development, at 618/453-4268.

With a 150-year legacy, Southern Illinois University’s School of Education has long been a leader in preparing teachers, administrators, and policymakers. The future promises to bring challenges and opportunities, demanding innovative research, critical community responsiveness, and sustained leadership from the School of Education.

Now more than ever, the teaching profession is under immense pressure. A nationwide teacher shortage threatens our school systems. Educators are seeking a deeper understanding of the impact of social issues on our educational system. Innovations in learning systems, while exciting, require regular training and technological updates.

SIU School of Education is embarking on an ambitious $1.15 million final phase of the Forever SIU campaign. The school will use these funds to respond to the needs of our local, state, and the broader educational community by preparing the teachers and administrators who will pave the path forward.

Champion Future Teachers

  • Teachers face enormous pressures inside and outside the classroom, including financial pressures from educational loans. Scholarships for students in the School of Education and the Teacher Education Program reduce financial burdens, lower student debt, and launch teachers into their careers empowered to make a difference, ultimately strengthening the teaching profession.
  • Endowed scholarships for new Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program $100,000
  • Endowed scholarships for Teacher Education Program $100,000
  • Endowed scholarships for Organizational Learning, Innovation and Development
    (formerly, Workforce Education) $100,000

Innovative New Programs in Response to Community Needs

  • Education is a valued commodity in our society, and our ability to respond to an ever-changing educational landscape is imperative. Through this campaign, SIU School of Education will develop and implement curricula in environmental education and entrepreneurial education. A new doctoral emphasis on educational equity and social justice and new graduate certificates will deepen our research and practice in key areas facing educators and policymakers.
  • Endowed Doctoral Emphasis on Educational Equity and Social Justice $500,000
  • Developing Environmental Education curriculum $50,000
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Education curriculum $50,000

Support Education Faculty

  • Teachers make a difference in any setting. Supporting faculty research and fostering early career faculty members strengthens student engagement in educational research and innovative teaching methods. This allows SIU School of Education to recruit and retain high-quality faculty leadership.
  • Endowed fund to support and encourage faculty research $125,000
  • Endowed fund to empower early career faculty development $125,000