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WSIU campaign goal is $1,500,000 and we have currently raised $2,237,317 (149 percent).


WSIU benefits students as well as the greater community and region thanks to the generosity of donors. Following are just a few ways you can make a difference. To discuss these and other opportunities to support WSIU, contact Larry Hunter at 618/453-4344.

Expanded Opportunities

  • Provide one student with an internship opportunity that will support career success. Starting at $5,000

Enhanced Facilities and Resources

  • Support an endowment that will increase focused news reporting and student learning opportunities on topics key to the region, such as agriculture or health care. Starting at $25,000
  • Fund a replacement radio transmitter to ensure continued access of programming to listeners in the Olney/Effingham region of Southern Illinois. $250,000

Deeper Community Engagement

  • Support an endowment that will increase educational resources and face-to-face engagement with children and adults in the WSIU region. Starting at $25,000
  • Expand access to programming and other educational content through digital media. Starting at $5,000