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College of Mass Communication and Media Arts campaign goal is $3,750,000 and we have currently raised $4,345,638 (116 percent).


Students in the College of Arts and Media benefit from the generosity of donors who want to help them succeed. Following are just a few ways you can make a difference. To discuss these and other opportunities to support students in cinema and photography, journalism, and radio, television and digital media, contact Lisa Knight at 618/889-4858 or 618/453-4719.

Increased Scholarships

  • Fund a one-time scholarship covering part or all of the cost of one student’s education in arts and media$6,250-$150,000 for five years
  • Endow an undergraduate scholarship providing full-tuition support for one student or partial funding for several. Starting at $200,000

Expanded Opportunities

  • Support the converged newsroom, which prepares students to work across print, broadcast and digital platforms. Any amount
  • Support photojournalism weekend workshops and small town documentary projects, providing students with real-life experience and engaging them in the community. Starting at $5,000 for a one-time commitment or starting at $25,000 to endow workshops over time
  • Provide one student with a hands-on internship opportunity that will help launch a professional career. $8,000 for a one-time internship or $25,000 to create an endowment that will support an internship over time

Enhanced Facilities and Resources

  • Endow a technology fund to ensure that students have ongoing access to the tools they need to position them for success. $200,000
  • Support faculty professional development to ensure that students are learning from experts familiar with the latest technologies and trends in a rapidly changing field. Starting at $5,000 for a one-time commitment or $25,000 to endow opportunities over time

Deeper Community Engagement

  • Endow the 40-year-old Big Muddy Film Festival, bringing national and international filmmakers and films to students and the Southern Illinois community. $200,000